Love Dog Republic An Official Introduction

Love Dog Republic An Official Introduction

Hey there all of you dog lovin' mamas and papas! Isn't having a dog just the best feeling in the whole world?   

I would like to officially introduce myself!  My name is Laurie and I am the founder and owner of Love Dog Republic.

Love Dog Republic is a 'Subscription Box & One Time Gift Box' company for people who love dogs and who want to happily celebrate their furbabies! Our boxes are unique because of the many original and personally selected treats, trinkets and toys. The box presentation is delightfully beautiful and the swag and goodies that are lovingly packed inside are engaging, fun and just sooooo good - for your doggo AND for you.

Love Dog is so much more than just a box though. It is a shared EXPERIENCE of JOY! You can pamper your deserving dog and yourself OR you can treat a friend for any human or dog related special occasions and chalk up some serious brownie points!

I have two dogs of my own - Kai and Dakota - and I love them madly! They are both rescues and ... sigh... they complete me.  I started Love Dog Republic because I wanted to create something beautiful and in doing so create a platform of love that will raise awareness about the world of animal shelters, rescues and fostering programs. I am especially passionate about fostering pets and getting at-risk dogs into the safety of foster homes.  Love Dog Republic will be hosting charity events and doing podcasts in the future to address this topic with the intention of shedding light on how we will create positive change and funding through this company.  We had our first virtual auction in August and raised $1350 for Arizona Small Dog Rescue. It was the most amazing feeling and I knew in my heart that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I hope you will join us on our incredible journey and stay connected. Dog people are a special breed and have hearts as big as the universe. Let's change the world for dogs, one beautiful box at a time.  
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