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Hi, My name is Laurie & I am the founder of LOVEDOG

I have two dogs of my own - Kai and Dakota - I love them beyond madly! They are both rescues and ... sigh... they complete me. I started LOVEDOG because I love all dogs... I had this vision of a movement. I thought that if I created this beautiful brand, centered around community & gorgeous accessories for dog mamas to enjoy, that we could in turn become a force for good. A community of fierce dog moms that would collectively come together and raise awareness and money to help the "heros" in the world of rescues, animal shelters, and fostering programs. These "heros", mostly women, are fighting a heartbreaking battle every day. They are exhausted and underfunded. They need so much help. Help to stay safe out there, help getting at-risk dogs into the safety of foster homes & so much more.  LOVEDOG will be hosting charity events in the future to raise money, create a sense of teamwork and to help create awareness and facilitate change. I hope you will join us on this journey and stay connected. Dog people are a special breed and have hearts as big as the universe. My FOUND podcast will be launching soon and we will have great rescue stories & talk about everything and anything to do with dogs. 

So please stay tuned ! 🐕


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